Alex has been a regular visitor at Steph's Happy Dogs for years!  
Recently he met Jack, a five month old Cocker Spaniel, and now they
love spending time together.  Alex lets Jack jump and play with him 
even though he is now seven years old.  Alex is the perfect role
model for Jack and we love watching these friends have fun together!
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Another Successful Rescue!

 Every morning I network with rescue friends to find shelter pets 
homes.  Just 10 days ago I pulled this cute little Chihuahua (the tan one) from the Baldwin Park animal shelter because no one had shown 
interest and her time was up.  She is older, maybe 10 years, but 
still wants to play and is in good health.
 I sent out an email to a few of my doggie people and after one week
little Flora got a home! Her new sister is the black Chihuahua, Kitty. Flora now has a wonderful family who will love her forever! 

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Roxy and Pufik

Roxy is playing "hard to get" with Pufik, a cute Pomeranian!  Both have  been coming to Steph's Happy Dogs for many years.  My 18 year old Rambo  is napping behind them.IMG_6294
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Marissa and I have been walking Duke and Lulu for years.  They are very sweet doggies and we love them so much!  When their parents go out of town they stay at Happy Dogs and enjoy playing with friends.  This video is from today when I walked them.

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Brooks is a Happy Dog!

 Brooks has been coming to Happy Dogs for about 5 years now.  
He has a wonderful Mom who knows that most doggies don't like to be 
alone.  So he visits when his Mom is working those long hours at the 
 Brooks knows us so well that he has become one of the pack. He welcomes new visitors along with our dogs and feels right at home!

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Making Friends at Happy Dogs


Bullet met DJ and it was love at first sight!  The romance continues every time they see each other.  Both are very sweet and I try not to interfere too much by kissing their noses!

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We LOVE Senior dogs!

 All of our dogs are considered seniors, but Rambo is 18, Molly is 17, and Wishbone is 17.  These three are the oldest and I give them anything they want.  In the morning they get fish oil pills and glucosamine.  Rambo also gets a holistic anti-dementia pill called Neutricks.  I decided to try this before getting “Anipryl”, a prescribed medication.  It seems to be helping and he is more normal now.

 Rambo has lost most of his hearing and vision. He was walking in circles, getting lost in our house, and sleeping days while staying awake at night.

 The best thing a parent can do is keep your patience and compassion.  It’s important to continue to make your fur baby know he/she is loved.  That is what I do every day with my senior babies, and with all of the great doggies who visit Happy Dogs.

Screen Shot 2013-11-30 at 11.02.00 AM

This was Rambo right after I adopted him from the Downey animal shelter, about 10 years ago, he was at least 7 and could have been 9.  Adopting older dogs should never be an issue.  They are easier than puppies and already know everything!!!


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