Meet Steph and David

I’m Stephanie and have always loved dogs.  I also love cats, horses, all pets, and every animal at the zoo, but decided I could actually help by having a cage free home for doggies to stay in.  The days of sticking Fido in a cage when vacation time comes are over!  The dogs that visit Steph’s Happy Dogs for boarding or daycare get to sleep on sofas, doggie beds, and if they insist, our bedroom!  Dogs are a man’s and a woman’s best friend and no one wants a best friend to be stuck in a cage.

A couple of years ago my husband, David, decided to help me take care of the dogs full time.  He stopped traveling and now has the early shift here at Happy Dogs.  David is usually up by six AM and sometimes earlier if someone requests it.  When I get up I usually find David on the sofa surrounded by doggies.  They are all watching the morning news together and preparing for a fun day!
At night the doggies join both of us on the sofas to watch a movie or just get some belly rubs.  Some dogs also get kisses on the nose, if they like that sort of thing.  Steph’s Happy Dogs has a name to live up to so dogs just let us know what they like and we are here to accommodate !
All of our personal dogs are rescues.  We inherited three of them when their owners passed away.  We promised to love and care for these fur babies forever, even if a family member tells us the owner is gone to take the dog or dogs to the pound.  We tell the family member we don’t take dogs to the pound so they know we will give the dogs suffering a loss a full, happy life.  That is all a part of Steph’s Happy Dogs!
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  1. stephshappydogs says:

    I’m Stephanie and I often rescue dogs and find them fabulous homes!

    Most of my friends have added to their families by adopting my rescues. I do have to be careful because I fall in love and want to keep every dog for myself!

    My dream is for every pet to be neutered, at least until each one has a loving home and the shelters aren’t full of wonderful animals who deserve homes.


  2. stephshappydogs says:

    I love animals so much that I became a pet sitter. Sometimes I go to

    the doggie’s home and feed, walk, and love him. While I’m there I also

    take care of any cats, fish, birds, or plants and bring in the mail and

    rotate the lights.

    A few doggies come to me for day care or stay longer when their

    parents go out of town. I’ll never be surrounded by too many pets!


  3. Aakriti says:

    God Bless you Steph! I love what you’re doing! wishing you the very best.. Your doggies look so happy! Much love 🙂

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