Welcome to Steph’s Happy Dogs!

We are Stephanie and David Gladhill, owners of Steph’s Happy Dogs in Simi Valley and we have been pet sitting dogs, cats, and other pets for over fifteen years.

We started dog sitting (pet sitting, day care, & dog boarding) when our neighbors needed a place to leave their two Yorkies for the holidays. This led us to open Steph’s Happy Dogs in Simi Valley.  We love animals and hate to see dogs put in cages when their owners aren’t available to take care of them.  Steph’s Happy Dogs has a huge corral surrounded by a six foot fence for daycare dogs and dogs who need boarding and pet sitting.

It’s also great to have some help from the daycare dogs and the dogs who are boarding when I am on the computer!




We send home the doggie daycare guests exhausted. Nothing wears them out more than playing with their doggie friends for hours!  Lexi is a daycare dog who has lots of energy and loves Steph’s Happy Dogs!  Even though Lexi doesn’t live in Simi Valley, her Mom brings her and her two doggie siblings to Steph’s Happy Dogs every day for daycare and pet sitting.

Each one of the dogs has a unique personality and at Steph’s Happy Dogs we love getting to know every single one.  Some dogs come for daycare (pet sitting) every day and some come to Steph’s Happy Dogs randomly for daycare.  No matter when dogs come for daycare, the staff at Steph’s Happy Dogs in Simi Valley welcomes them and makes sure they have a great time!

Steph’s Happy Dogs is open from 7AM to 7PM seven days a week.  Dogs can be dropped off or picked up for dog boarding and dog daycare anytime during these hours.  Steph’s Happy Dogs feeds dogs breakfast at 8AM and dinner at 4PM.  Sometimes daycare dogs or even boarding dogs get lunch and we are more than happy to add a meal to the schedule.  All dogs are separated for meals at Steph’s Happy Dogs.  We have lots of different feeding areas for the daycare and boarding dogs so no one gets distracted during mealtime.

Steph’s Happy Dogs also makes special accommodations at no extra charge for dogs who need medical attention.  Our pet sitters give shots to diabetic dogs and we adjust meal times for dogs who need medication to make sure they get everything at the right time.

Along with daycare and boarding, Steph’s Happy Dogs also offers home visits for pet sitting.  This is great for cats, fish, birds, and some dogs who may be more comfortable at home.  While you are gone, our pet sitters will also bring in your mail, turn off and on lights, water plants, and pick up after your dogs go potty in the yard.  If you need anything else, just ask!  Pet sitting at your home has extra benefits!

Steph’s Happy Dogs is licensed, bonded, and insured.  We don’t charge extra for Holidays or for the little extras your dog or dogs might need while visiting for dog daycare, pet sitting, or boarding.

The small kiddie pools are doggie pools on hot days.  Brooks and Max will demonstrate below how much fun Steph’s Happy Dogs can be!  Also, a very important note, when it is really hot we insist all doggies come inside the house to enjoy the air conditioning.