I’m reaching out at the last minute for help with Darrien’s vet appointment THIS AFTERNOON. This very special older boy has a mass on his belly and a patch of skin on his elbow that need to be evaluated. The cost of today’s visit is estimated to be $356 including the exam, his annual vaccines, meds for an ear infection, a heartworm test, fecal and preventatives. This does not include a biopsy or surgical removal if this is what’s recommended. Donations can be made by calling the vet directly (Central Providence Vet, 704-844-8387) or via PayPal (info@houndsofgracerescue.org).

Darrien 3.19.20 4 small.jpg

For those who aren’t familiar with Darrien’s story, he Darrien was found in someone’s yard in Duplin County NC and was thought to be dead. Animal Control was called and he was taken to the shelter but because of his overall condition and the significant “deformity” in his rear legs, it was thought unlikely that any rescue group would commit to him so he wasn’t put on the list of shelter dogs “available for rescue”. It was just by chance that Darrien’s information reached us just in time as he was scheduled to be PTS.
Darrien is a miracle boy not just because he was saved and can now walk normally, but he NEVER HAD SURGERY to repair his severed tendons!* Darrien still has many scars from his past including torn ears, an old injury on his foot, nails that will always be crooked, missing teeth and teeth worn down to the gums, and callouses from old pressure sores that have never entirely healed. These are his badges of honor and serve to remind us of his past. The many years of abuse and neglect take a toll on these older Hounds and we’ve come to expect that new health issues will develop over time. Darrien had a couple of masses removed in 2018. They turned out to be benign growth of various types so we’re hopeful the one that recently appeared is as well.
Deborah Parrish
Hounds of Grace

We are pet care providers and love all animals. Been in business 12 years.

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