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Lindsey Baker with dogs

Max, Jackson (aka Big) and Cody

"I wouldn't want to bring my dogs anywhere else. We have three large dogs (Cody the Golden Retriever, Jackson (Big) the German Shepherd and Max a Labrador Retriever) and it can be challenging to find a place where they can all be together, get lots of personal attention and not be kept in  
 Steph’s Happy Dogs is a great resource for anyone who truly loves their dogs. When my boys stay at Steph's Happy Dogs,I know that they are safe
and happy. They have lots of space to play and lots of doggie friends to play with. I can go on my way in my business travel or appointments or   enjoy my vacation with a clear mind; knowing that they will receive the 
very best of care. They always smile and wag their tails whenever we pullup at the house, because they really enjoy visiting with them. My 
buddies give Steph's Happy Dogs a 'five star wagging tails' review every time." 
Lindsey Baker -Upshur
 We had moved to Hawaii but because of strict quarantine laws for flying the third member of our family (Angel the Dog) into the State we needed 
to find a three month home for her near Los Angeles.  Our initial plan 
was to have family care for her during this time but unfortunately those plans fell through and from Hawaii we scrambled to organize a new place 
for her to stay. After spending the better portion of days reading 
reviews for dog care facilities and finding very little that left us 
feeling comfortable leaving Angel for such an extended period of time we happened upon Steph's Happy Dogs.
  Steph's Happy Dog's is owned and operated by Steph and David who proved over the course of Angel's stay to be true dog lovers willing to really 
go the extra effort.  Angel was treated with love as part of their family and as I picked Angel up at the end of her three month stay it was clear that Steph and David were sad to see Angel go.
 We really appreciated receiving photos of Angel while she was away.  I  highly recommend Steph's Happy Dogs. Dan K.

My dog Wilson is a regular at Steph’s Happy Dogs and I couldn’t be more pleased with the facility and the people who run it. David and Steph truly care about my dog and I am always comfortable leaving Wilson in their care. Wilson is always returned safe, exhausted and happy-what more could I ask for…Carrie D.

I have been using Stephanie at Steph’s Happy Dogs in Simi Valley for about a year now and couldn’t be happier.  One of my dogs was a senior diabetic who needed twice a day insulin injections.  It is almost impossible to find a kennel or boarder who will take on a diabetic dog but Stephanie never hesitated.  My two dogs stayed with her this last two weeks and unfortunately 2 days after coming home my senior passed away from kidney failure.  I am sad that I could not be with him those last two weeks but Stephanie made sure he was loved and comfortable until I came home to send him on his journey across the rainbow bridge. Thank you Stephanie and David.
Marjorie Maness B.

Our great pyrenees has been going to happy dogs for several years. We chose Steph’s happy dogs because we could not bear the thought of our dog being in a cage or kennel in our absence. As soon as we pull up the driveway, Oscar is out the door of the car and at the side gate, ready to enter. We can always enjoy our vacations with the knowledge that Oscar is well cared for, getting lots of love, and playing with other doggies!
David and Stephanie have always been kind and professional. We couldn’t imagine taking our big guy anywhere else. Jennifer J.

Screen Shot 2013-11-30 at 11.17.16 AM

Roxy relaxing!

“As you can see, our bulldog roxy is catching up on her beauty rest on her favorite chair. Guests have the freedom to cuddle up and relax on the furniture and feel right a home.

You wouldn’t know it by her picture, but when we cross the railroad tracks a few blocks from Steph’s Happy Dogs she gets real animated and excited!

She doesn’t miss me at all when I have to be away from home, which certainly puts my mind as ease. She remains happy and content when spending time in Stephanie’s superb and personal care.” Christina Doren

Stephanie is a fantastic dog sitter.  Our dogs always come back happy (and tired!).  She is flexible and understanding. She also has extensive knowledge of dog behavior.  My very picky rescue female loves her (and that is a rare thing!).  In short, I love Stephanie and love having my dogs with her! Frieda K.

Steph and David have been taking care of our 2 rescue dogs for many years and I cannot say enough great things about them.  They are the most caring, trustworthy, accommodating people and our dogs LOVE going there and playing with all of the other dogs on their amazing property.  Stephanie also walks our dogs during the work week and they love her.  We have complete piece of mind in their care and highly recommend them!! Leslie F.

I travel for work and was in a very tough situation because my two dogs, Cupcake and Rex, need attention and would be depressed with someone visiting them randomly throughout the day to check in on them at my home. They were staying at a well established “dog hotel” but leaving them for a period of 5 to 7 days, and knowing they were in a cage most of the time, did not sound like a good value for what I was paying and, more importantly, also not a healthy mental environment for them.  I found Stephanie and David who have been not only loving  and caring to my dogs, but also flexible and amazing to work with. Now when I travel for work I am 100% more effective because I do not have one single concern that my dogs are being cared and loved. When we arrive at their house the dogs get excited and tails are wagging vigorously! Stephanie and David have been lifesavers because if it were not for them I would have been put in a position to possibly find a home for my dogs, which would have broken my family’s hearts. I highly recommend Stephanie and David at Steph’s Happy Dogs! Wendy O.

My big girl, Rue, is pretty much my child & I am an extremely cautious, overprotective mom when it comes to leaving her in anyone else’s care. That being said, Stephanie & David at Steph’s Happy Dogs are pretty much the only ones I trust to care for her in my absence. They clearly love dogs & are knowledgeable about them as well & treat all dogs as if they were their own. Whether we are going to be out & about for the day, or even the weekend, it’s so convenient & comforting to be able to drop her off & know that when we pick her up, she will be happy, stimulated & exhausted from playing with all the other dogs during her stay. I also love that the dogs all sleep inside overnight without being kenneled or crated (unless that’s what your dog would prefer…). Thanks so much for giving me peace of mind knowing that my baby girl is in good hands while we’re away! 🙂 Erica W.

A little belated review but sincere! I had used Steph’s Happy Dogs as an in home visit service when I went on vacations or had a long day away. Steph or one of her assistants would come and care for my dogs. I used their services many times since 2009.
Steph would come to do letting out, feeding and cleanup as needed. Rhonda also came many times and each was over the top kind and efficient in caring for my fur babies. My Chichuahua, always a picky eater and skittish around strangers, would not eat at one point. When I called to check in Rhonda said she had “spoon fed”  him exactly as I would have. Anyone who would do that is supreme in my book!
When I returned home my house looked as clean as when I left.
I never used the doggy day care but imagine it’s a play ground and comfortable place for your dog to spend the day. All I know is Steph and her husband are very concerned with animals and would do their best. They LOVE dogs. Steph is a person who will network and help rescue groups as well, she’s sincerely in the dog business for the right reasons. Deirdre G.

Screen Shot 2013-11-30 at 11.17.29 AM

Gail and Joseph

“I have taken my dog Joseph to Stephanie’s doggy daycare for around 4 years now. Compared to other dog services, I find Stephanie’s daycare extremely unique in what it offers Joseph. First, I am not aware of any other companies of this type that offer such an interaction of the dogs together. Secondly, the environment is a beautiful and open area in which they are allowed to freely run. First, I am not aware of any other companies of this type that offer such an interaction of the dogs together. Secondly, the environment is a beautiful and open area in which they are allowed to freely run.

In my opinion, Stephanie has the kind of personality and love for dogs that makes her excellent for this line of work. I highly recommend her services for anyone looking for a loving, fun, and safe place for their furry companions.” Gail Hubbs

My two labs and I are so grateful to have discovered Steph’s Happy Dogs!  I have been taking my dogs there for over a year, and have always felt comfortable leaving my dogs there.  As soon as my pups hear their garage door or gate open, they jump out of the car and head right for Steph or Dave, tails up and wagging, waiting to be petted.  They provide safety, comfort, and love to my dogs, one of whom has a touch of anxiety.  Steph and David  know my dogs well, and my dogs come home tired and ready for a good sleep from all their activity during the day.  I’ve left my dogs overnight several times, and have not had a single worry.
Medications and their special food and treats were administered and provided per my written directions.

I greatly appreciate the flexibility and respect Steph and David give to me upon arrival and departure every visit.  They answer all my questions, and give me details about what my dogs are doing if I call during the day.   My dogs will be staying at Steph’s Happy Dogs for two weeks while I travel overseas.  While I will miss my loving friends, I am so glad they will be receiving the best of care and attention. Sandy L.

This 5 star rating should really be a 10 star rating for Steph’s Happy Dogs…one from me the owner & the second from Rita (my terrier).  Steph & Dave are always accommodating – whether I call a day ahead or a month ahead. The environment that Steph & Dave provide at Steph’s Happy Dogs is about as close to home as I can imagine – the dogs have the run of the house and are free to enjoy inside & out.
And from Rita’s perspective – I’m always pleased at how easily she goes with Steph or Dave. And I have pictures & videos from Steph that show me what a grand time my pup is having.
Priceless!! A.G.

We adopted our sweet girl Maggie from Steph and David 18 months ago. Not only did they rescue Maggie from a shelter which then brought her into our lives, they also watch her 3 days a week and on weekends when we go out of town. Steph and David are always accommodating and Maggie loves going there to visit them and her other doggy friends! Due to Maggie’s past she has a lot of anxiety issues and Steph and David are very patient with her and have always made her feel safe and loved. We could not ask for a better place than Steph’s Happy Dogs to leave our Maggie when we can’t watch her and would recommend them to anyone! Shayna K.

I HIGHLY recommend Steph’s Happy Dogs!!! Stephanie and David are two of the nicest people you will ever meet! And the best part is they TRULY care about their doggies! Belle, our Golden Retriever, really likes being in their home. It is super clean and spacious…they even let Belle sleep on the sofa if she wants. I feel so confident leaving her here!! Last time she visited, Belle was dealing with hot spots and had to wear a cone. Stephanie said “no problem at all”  and was able to give Belle her necessary medication. Also, when we go away, I always text Stephanie asking how Belle is doing. I always get a quick response with a picture and even a video!!! The videos makes me smile every time!!! This is Belle’s 4th time staying with Stephanie and David and we are SO grateful to have found them! (Belle too!) Stephanie K.

My husband and I have been extremely satisfied customers of Steph's HappyDogs since 2008 - and we don't even have dogs!
I found Stephanie online when we were heading out of town and needed a   cat sitter.  She responded to my email right away and answered all my    questions.  Since then, she has always been accessible, dependable,      generous, and best of all, trustworthy.
 Since we can't leave our cats with all those happy dogs when we go away,Stephanie comes to our home.  Despite her busy schedule, she has never   failed to make time for us and our kitties.  She feeds them and cleans   the litter box.  She even takes the time to play with them, and sends us videos to ease our minds. Even though our cats are, well, CATS, we know  they always love a visit from Aunt Stephanie! Sharon L.

We cannot say enough good things about Steph’s Happy Dogs!  We have been boarding our dogs with Stephanie and Dave for almost 12 years.  They are the most caring and loving people to both their furry clients and their parents.  We had interviewed a number of boarding facilities prior to finding Steph’s and had really objected to our dogs being kept in crates, especially the facilities that kept them crated outside.  Stephanie and Dave’s home has literally “gone to the dogs” – they have a lot of property and their furry charges have the run of the place, both inside and out, including the swimming pool, and since they are located in the hills, they have critter-proofed their property to keep the wild critters away.  They are extremely accommodating, too.  We have had to board our dogs on very short notice a number of times and they have never turned us away.  They also board dogs with special needs.  Stephanie and Dave send us videos and photos, too, which we really appreciate when we’re gone.  Steph’s Happy Dogs is as good as it gets if you want your furry kids to be as loved as if they were at home.  Thank you, Stephanie & Dave!!  Carol U.

Steph’s Happy Dogs is the best doggie day care place we have ever taken our dog.  How lucky we are!  5 minutes from our house, it’s really convenient.  Dave and Steph have a true love of dogs as they take them in as guests in their home.  One important thing is that I can fully trust our dog’s safety and happiness here.  We have used them for a week at a time while we are off on vacation and they are very accommodating.  I can call at the last minute and they make me feel like our dog is part of their family.  I would highly recommend Stephs to anyone who wants that piece of mind knowing your dog is well taken care of!
“A happy frequenter”
Debbie R.

Screen Shot 2013-11-30 at 11.17.39 AM

Charlie the Cockapoo

“My sweetie Charlie (2 yrs.) has been going to Steph’s Happy Dogs since he was a puppy. I owe his good disposition in great part to the socialization he receives while at Happy-land. It’s Charlie’s home away from home. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my baby.

Thanks, Stephanie and David for creating such a great place for Charlie and his doggie friends. You’ve made a big difference in our lives. I don’t have to worry if he is happy and being treated well when I am away. We all love you and the great work you do. it is clear that you truly love taking care of our pets.” Marlon McGann

For the seven years we have been bringing our two dogs to Steph’s Happy Dogs, there has never been a time where we were second guessing:  Oh, “maybe that place in Westlake that over-charges and does not care about the family”.  Steph and David are family.  Our dogs are so happy and healthy every time they come home, and when we bring them, they don’t even remember who WE are!  It is a home and not just a place.  Not a “Pet Hotel”. Jon P.

When we rescued our old ladies, we didn’t have the first idea where to go when heading for the hills on vaccay. I had kids from work stay in my home with them, and while that was fine by me, my husband was not a fan. So I Googled Yelp, and found David and Stephanie at Steph’s Happy Dogs. Not only are they wonderful dog keepers, they are wonderful people, period. I called and asked if I could come and see what they had to offerand they said sure! And I did, and I rambled and talked, because that’s what I do, lol. But what I saw made me feel at home, immediately. I knew my girls would LOVE the openness that they lack at home. But they took our girls, and have had them at least 5 stays by now. Theyare very accommodating. If I call last minute daycare for a day at Disneyland, or 3 days boarding in Mammoth, or Cambria, they welcome us with a smile. If my old girls could speak, they would ask to stay longer. They get lots of love and freedom. We live in a town-home, so they are pretty restricted at home. David and Stephanie are family in our hearts, now. I even made a major faux paus, and was welcomed back with a well needed laugh. Good people, good home for your furbabies. (And we don’t just recommend anyone.)  Anita J.

We have an 11 month old puppy that we had NEVER left for more than 3 or 4 hours before. When we were getting ready to go on vacation, I was so nervous to leave our puppy behind. After hearing several recommendations for Steph’s Happy Dogs, we decided to give it a try! I have to say that I have never been so impressed with a doggy daycare/boarding business! Steph’s Happy Dogs is truly incredible. Our puppy is not used to being crated at night and is not used to being alone. Stephanie and her husband allowed for our puppy to sleep uncrated in their licensed in home daycare. She was also never left alone and was so loved and so cared for! Our puppy was there for 4 nights, and each day we received videos and pictures of her running around and loving life! They cared for her as if she was their own, and I am so grateful for that. Our puppy is a rescue who has separation anxiety and they were just amazing with her. When we came to pick her up, you could tell how well she was treated and how much she was loved. They followed all care instructions (food, allergies, etc.) that we had. We will only be using them for our puppy when we leave town. Monica H.

Screen Shot 2013-11-30 at 11.17.59 AM

Freddy and Louie

“My two dogs – a wonderful Great Dane rescue & a very lively Vizhla – spend their vacations at Steph’s Happy Dogs. I could not find a more pleasant holiday spot for them if I searched all of the Central Coast. Located in Simi Valley, Steph’s Happy Dogs is ideal for us as we can easily drive from our home in The Santa Ynez Valley , drop off the dogs & then continue to LAX.

I trust Stephanie to always have our beloved dog’s best interest & to make their stay away from their family the best time they could have. I highly recommend Steph’s Happy Dogs to anyone who cares about their beloved pets!!!” Lee & Steve Kantor

Stephanie and David are just good people. The love they have for animals and the way they have opened up their home for the dogs lucky enough to stay there. They have a big yard for the dogs to explore and play with their friends in. They are cared for and loved here. I feel so lucky to have found them and whenever I have to leave my buddy I know at least he is staying with very kind  people in a loving environment. Bill M.

Just picked my dog up today from Steph’s Happy Dogs after a 17 day visit.  I would never leave him for that long except I know he is in great care at Steph’s.  Dave & Stephanie are the best!  Their love of dogs is obvious and have always provided me with feedback and photos during his stay.  We have been coming to Stephs Happy Dogs for 8 years.  They provide dogs with a comfortable stay and owners peace of mind. Michele P.

We’ve been going to Steph’s Happy Dogs for 7 years with our two dogs, and could not be happier.  I feel like they treat our two dogs as their own.  My dogs race out of the car and do not look back when they are dropped off.  They love going there and always come back exhausted!  I will continue to bring my dogs there as long as I can!  David and Stephanie truly care about our animals. Wendy K.

My dog is not an easy one! Super crazy energy, wants to play, play, play! Separation anxiety, fence jumper! Steph’s Happy Dogs had him falling asleep in the car the day I picked him up no stressed out dog either! Wonderful people too!
I went back this time with our adopted German Shorthair Pointer. She’s 5 so she’s more relaxed but wants to be near people. They were able to meet the needs of both dogs perfectly. This time it was a week so they both slept for two days. Kim M.

Best dog day care in simi valley! i’ve been to others but this is the one my dog likes the best. my dog comes home tired and ready to relax. which couldn’t be nicer since she’s a high energy puppy! Mike K.
Cage free in home pet care at Steph’s Happy Dogs.  Don’t leave your best friend in a cage when you work or go on vacation.  At Steph’s your pet will sleep in the living room on a sofa!  Lot’s of running room, too!
Very close to Porter Ranch, Chatsworth, West Hills…Off the 118 and Kuehner Drive. Stephanie B.

We have been leaving our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Lucy with Steph since she was a little puppy 2 years ago and it has been great.  She loves going there and I don’t think she misses us a bit! Gabriel V.

One of the best decisions I ever made was having Steph’s Happy Dogs watch our fur baby.  They took such great care of her.  They sent pictures and gave her so much love.  If you want a safe and loving environment for your fur baby, look no more!   They went above and beyond caring for our dog!!! L.B.

 I’ve been boarding my dog Charlie with Steph’s Happy Dogs for six years now.
My dog Charlie is 6 yrs old. I thank GOD I have them to turn to. Charlie can’t wait to get there! His ears perk up every time I say lets go to Steph’s. He Loves it there and I feel 110% confident that he’ll get the best care I could ask for and more. I am not a personal friend nor a family member writing up a nice review. My only relationship to them is a business one.
I’m a loyal customer only because I trust their professionalism and it’s so obvious how much they care about their boarders. They’re at the top of my gratitude list of lucky circumstances for Charlie and me ! Robert H.

 So my pup tells me to give Steph’s Happy Dogs 10 stars, because he loves it!! The normal scenario when driving to Steph’s is that as soon as we turn that corner into their street, my pup goes bonkers in the car and he just can’t wait! And once they open that door, the tail is waggin’, he’s hurryin’ to get inside… aaaaand he disappears. He’s made so many puppy friends all over the place. And between you and me, I think he loves staying with Steph, David and Marissa more than he loves being at home with me sometimes :/ And when he comes home he tells me all about.. or not, because he knocks out. The boy was busy, he had things to do, places to go and puppies to play with! The owners are AMAZING!! They are super sweet, accommodating and very knowledgeable. And they seem to love each dog as if it were their own. I am so glad I was able to find a wonderful home away from home for him. Sowhen I am away he gets to socialize, play, eat and be LOVED! He’s not stuck in a kennel or in a room by himself. He’s with other dogs of his size playing around and busy… and when I get him at the end of the day he’s pooped and happy!… And that makes me pretty happy too. Yasmine E.
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