Our Commitment to you, your dogs, and all of your pets

Cuddling on the sofaMany of my clients have me come to their homes to take care of their pets. I have taken care of horses, cats, birds (including parrots and cockatoos), and fish along with hundreds of dogs (though not at the same time!).

Though we are licensed, insured, and bonded, Steph’s Happy Dogs is not a conventional kennel. Doggies may come to our home for cage free fun, but they must have all of their shots and get along with our dogs. They are treated like family members and my husband, David and I become fur baby parents. We never leave them alone and if we are out Taylor, Eliza, and/or Marissa will be here loving them. All dogs are allowed on the furniture, unless we are told not to let them on it. We want doggie parents everywhere to have guilt free vacations! We also send you pictures and/or videos of your baby so you can see the playing and fun!  Bigger dogs get to run around in the corral during the day, while smaller and older fur babies play or relax in the house.

Our own dogs are all rescues and my husband has banned me from going to the animal shelters unless I’m with someone else who is adopting and taking the new pet directly to his or her new home. I fall in love too easily. The good part is now I know so many wonderful doggie parents that whenever someone is looking for another dog, I can help find the right one and we rescue again!  My main difficulty with this wonderful job is I get attached to every pet I take care of and I miss each of them when their owners return.

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