Adorable Terrier in danger!

Toby Owner surrender NEEDS OUT W/IN 72 HOURS or will be euthanized. Was teased by a kid….you know the restPLEDGES NEEDED
Downey *72 hour rescue notice w/indemnity waiver Toby A4631064 10yr Neutered tan terrier mix 12 lbs.** PLS HELP TOBY TO LIVE
QUESTIONS CAN BE ANSWERED 24/7 AT (562) 940-6898IF YOU HAVE PLACEMENT:PLEASE EMAIL DOWNEY ANIMAL CARE CENTER STAFFNew Contact Email for all Rescue placement: DowneyACC@animalcare.lacounty.govToby A4631064 10yr Neutered tan terrier mix 12 lbsOwner surrender 2/26/20TOBYToby is available to adoption partners only with a signed Indemnity waiver for a previous biteVictim was walking dog and stopped to talk to a member of the public. She was giving the dog a treat when it bit her on the right thumb.I am the happiest when I feel safe.
He plays well with other dogs.
Toby would benefit from some basic manners training

We are pet care providers and love all animals. Been in business 12 years.

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