Urgent for happy Leanna, 6 years old has been in the shelter since 2019


Leanna is wonderful she loves people and knows her basic commands she is a very strong girl so she will need a strong handler. She is always happy and is always excited and happy to meet new people. Leanna always waits patiently at the door ready for someone to take her out. Leanna doesn’t loose hope and is hoping her day for a forever home comes soon she is always a happy girl.Leanna recently went on a furry field trip and the foster parent said she did great.

I am a tan brinde spayed female

I am about 89.3 pounds

I am about 6 years old 

I am available for Adoption or New Hope Adoption

Please rescue!  Has been in shelter since April 2019.

Medical issues:
1) Ongoing obesity – R/O secondary to overfeeding vs underlying hypothyroidism
2) Ongoing intermittent mild conjunctivitis OU – suspect allergic etiology – resolved at this time
3) Ongoing superficial pyoderma on ventral abd – resolved at this time

Adopter to follow up with vet about obesity, skin and history of chronic conjunctivitis.

We are pet care providers and love all animals. Been in business 12 years.

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