Back in July 2013, START came to the aid of a Pit Bull who had been strapped with fireworks and set on fire. This happened in the Los Angles area. The dog was in terrible shape with third-degree burns over 75 % of his body.

We received a desperate call from the local shelter asking for help. No one had stepped up to save this precious boy and the shelter was out of options. He needed emergency hospitalization.

START was only 2 years old in 2013 and struggling financially. But we wore our heartstrings on our sleeves. And so, we decided to help this poor boy even though we knew his medical expenses would probably put us out of business.

We named this special Pit Bull INDY

Incredibly, someone got wind of what had happened to INDY and word soon spread to the media. So, by the time we arrived at the hospital, the media were swarming and his story made all the local channels. We received thousands of emails, and donations came in to help. We also offered a REWARD to catch the A^%$# who did this to INDY. (Carlos Duarte was later arrested; he was given two years in jail but was released after serving only 3 days!)
INDY stayed at the Westlake Village Animal Hospital for six months and needed a lot of medical attention. He was loved by all the doctors and staff (thank you Dr. Slaton), who even consulted with the famous internationally recognized plastic surgeon, Richard Grossman of the renowned Grossman Burn Center.
INDY has had to have lumps and bumps removed over the years (some of them cancerous), along with regular check-ups and special food. Even though he was adopted, START has paid for INDY’s medical expenses for the past seven years and we are committed to continuing doing so for the rest of his life.

To date, we have spent approximately $75,000+ in our promise to make sure this special boy lives the best life possible.

Click to read an article on INDY.
We are asking you to please DONATE to START to help us with INDY’s bills along with all the other countless dogs we help and give new lives to! We can’t do this without you!

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Thank you from …
The grateful START Team XOX

We are pet care providers and love all animals. Been in business 12 years.

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