We LOVE Senior dogs!

 All of our dogs are considered seniors, but Rambo is 18, Molly is 17, and Wishbone is 17.  These three are the oldest and I give them anything they want.  In the morning they get fish oil pills and glucosamine.  Rambo also gets a holistic anti-dementia pill called Neutricks.  I decided to try this before getting “Anipryl”, a prescribed medication.  It seems to be helping and he is more normal now.

 Rambo has lost most of his hearing and vision. He was walking in circles, getting lost in our house, and sleeping days while staying awake at night.

 The best thing a parent can do is keep your patience and compassion.  It’s important to continue to make your fur baby know he/she is loved.  That is what I do every day with my senior babies, and with all of the great doggies who visit Happy Dogs.

Screen Shot 2013-11-30 at 11.02.00 AM

This was Rambo right after I adopted him from the Downey animal shelter, about 10 years ago, he was at least 7 and could have been 9.  Adopting older dogs should never be an issue.  They are easier than puppies and already know everything!!!


We are pet care providers and love all animals. Been in business 12 years.

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